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Μenopause is one point in a continuum of life stages for women and marks the end of their reproductive years. Natural menopause occurs in general between 45 – 55 years. The lack of estrogens produce an alteration of function of all the organs of the body, especially in the skin.


Menopause produces “hormonal aging”.


How to care about your skin in menopause:

  1. The right cleanser is a milk composition, rather than a gel or a foam, because the skin pH is low.
  2. Hydration with rich creams in ceramides, shea butter.
  3. Sunscreen protection.
  4. Anti-aging treatments that are based on retinol and peptides.
  5. Derma cosmeceuticals with phytoestrogens.

Don’t forget to have a diet low in refined carbohydrates and to raise the intake of isoflavones. Go to the gym everyday, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Our Dermatological Clinic provides a great range of treatments and cosmetics that are proper for the menopausal skin!

Menopause is not an illness, it’ s a natural transition in a woman’s life!